An awarded NSW auctioneer who is the reliable voice of sales successes with McGrath, Cooley’s, First State Auctions and Elders.

Dave started his real estate career back in 1999 and he grew to know Damien Cooley who is one of the best auctioneers in Australia. He admired Damien’s craft from the outset. The energy he could bring into a room was magical. After 10 years in real estate, he was up for a new challenge and perspective on the property game.

He began auctioneering in 2008 and was like a fish to water. He won the NSW Auctioneer of the year in 2009 and then went on to represent NSW in the Australasian auctioneer annual awards.

There is no better real estate training on the planet, other than becoming an auctioneer.  You turn up on the day and you need to quickly build rapport with the buyers and vendors who you have never met before. The auctioneer learns how to become a master negotiator and develops an intimate empathy and understanding for all sides of real estate: the selling vendor, prospective buyers, interested parties, brokers, and agents.

Dave has been auctioneering for over 10 years and it’s his passion. It provides Dave with a third eye view of how the real estate transaction happens, the timing, and nuances. A good cricketer will see the ball a little quicker because he is trained to read the game and players. So too is a good auctioneer. Auctions often fall apart because of small 2-5% gaps in the numbers and his strength is knowing how to read the players and bridge the gap on auction day.

Having auctioned over 1000 properties, Dave has had the privilege to work for some of the best brands including Alexander Phillips, Cooley, First State Auctions, David Schall, leading McGrath agents in NSW, Belle, Raine & Horne, Ray White, and all leading boutique agencies.
He has sold prestige homes, investment assets, and auctioned fine jewellery in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore. These days,  David call’s auctions exclusively for clients of the Elders Lifestyle Group.

Auctioneering provides real-time market data that captures the mood and sentiment of buyers and sellers. Forget all the spreadsheets and statistics and instead ring 10 auctioneers on a Saturday afternoon and you will get the most up to date read on the market. It’s the intel that keeps Dave ahead of the rest and has been invaluable for his career, developments, and property businesses.


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